Oil Pastel Pear

An original painting that is not very original. Everybody paints pears! This was a bit of an experiment: I wanted to see how well oil pastels would look on this dark green textured card stock. Then I applied a layer of varnish, which caused the background to show more. I thought it made a unique and visually satisfying image.

5 x 7 inches

Initialed on the front, signed and numbered on the back

Soft pastels on paper and can smudge very easily

Permanently sealed between an acrylic sheet and cardboard.


Price includes shipping

Your pastel painting will come mounted in the French method of Passé Partout (pronounced “pass-par-too”) framing, which means the acrylic glazing, artwork, and backing board are sealed together. This produces an artwork-vacuum sandwich that can easily be handled, although gently, then placed in a frame without glass. You don’t have to worry about smudging the painting or about dust falling inside the frame. The acrylic glazing will have a protective film on the front, leave it until it is ready to go into the frame. It will come packaged in a clear plastic bag.

Please keep in mind that pastel colors may look different in real life than what you see on your device. I find that the art always looks better in real life than on a screen. The colors of pastels vary a lot in different light.

Oil Pastel Pear

Item P361 Oil Pastel Pear 5x7 painting


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