To Do, or Not To Do? Bible Journaling

Bible journaling has become very popular these days. But I just can’t do it. If you want to color in your Bible as an act of worship than who am I to tell you otherwise? To me it would be very distracting because I like looking at my art, gazing at it, picking out the mistakes and admiring it at the same time. Not very conducive to Bible reading!

Thankfully there is more than one way of doing just about anything. I suggest a separate faith journal. You can put anything you want in it Bible verses, hymns, songs, prayers, prayer lists, gratitude list…..

While you are reading your Bible and you come across a verse that speaks to you copy it by hand (or type it out on a word processor.) The act of actually writing it will help you remember better. Writing it over and over on scratch paper will help you memorize it. You can write it directly into your faith journal or on a separate sheet of paper which you can paste into your journal or tuck it into a pocket.

Not to mention that copying will help improve your penmanship!

I enjoy reading through my faith journal, just to admire it and to aid my praying.

So however you do it just keep praying and reading your Bible.

Adding handwritten Bible verses to your faith journal.

About nball252

Hi, my name is Naomi, I am a Christian, certified aromatherapist. I also have an Associate Degree in Bible. I looked for books about aromatherapy from a Christian point of view and didn't find any, so I wrote one, The Aromatherapy Advocate. An introductory book for Christians on aromatherapy. I have one son whom I home schooled. I started using essential oils 10 years ago. I love the fragrances and I love the powerful benefits of using essential oils. I received my certificate about 10 years ago and have been teaching and writing about aromatherapy from a Christian perspective since then.
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